Andrea teaches philosophy courses in both primary and secondary schools. Most of her work is via the Royal Institute of Philosophy’s Philosophy in Schools scheme, but schools can also engage her directly.

In all her courses pupils are introduced to some of the most fundamental and intriguing philosophical questions, such as: What is happiness? How should we treat each other? (Why) do we need a state? Who should govern a state? Might all our experience be dream? What is the relationship between mind and body?

By means of stories and other creative stimuli pupils are encouraged to think about these questions for themselves and discuss their thoughts with each other. Older students are also introduced to relevant views of famous philosophers.

The classes are popular with pupils as they deal with interesting and important questions they might otherwise not get the chance to discuss in depth. The pupils enjoy being challenged by philosophical questions and expressing their own views on them, as well as learning from others’ responses. The discussions improve their critical reasoning and communication skills and help them gain confidence in addressing difficult questions.

If you are an interested teacher or parent, please get in touch via the contact form.